Does PIXELBOYS also offer limited posters and picture series?

We don't currently have any limited edition posters and picture series in our offering, but we are excited to announce that this is already in the pipeline. At PIXELBOYS we attach great importance to creating works of art that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also exclusive. That's why we're working on introducing a selection of limited edition prints in the near future that will enrich any collection.

These special editions come with a certificate of authenticity and the artist's original signature, making them true collector's items. Our limited edition prints are intended to build a bridge between artists and art lovers and enable a deeper connection to the work. By limiting each print, we guarantee exclusivity and offer our customers the opportunity to own unique works of art that can increase in value.

We are excited about the opportunity to soon offer you these unique, limited edition works of art and invite you to keep an eye on our developments and announcements. PIXELBOYS strives to present a diverse and sophisticated range of art that reflects the passion and talent of the artists. Look forward to exclusive works of art that will enrich any collection and make a statement in any room.