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Personalized gifts are very popular and very trendy at the moment. The focus is on the individuality of the gift. Personalization quickly turns a gift into an unforgettable one-off.

Collection: acrylic paintings

Modern acrylic painting as picture

Pixelboys attaches particular importance to the high quality of material and print. Prints behind acrylic glass (acrylic pictures) are light, unbreakable and withstand temperature fluctuations. The colors are clearly intensified by the refraction of light in the material.

Due to the high resistance of the material and print, acrylic paintings are particularly suitable for demanding environments with high humidity and temperature fluctuations. These can be of a climatic nature or have to do with use. Acrylic paintings are particularly recommended in rooms with high humidity, such as acrylic paintings in the kitchen , acrylic paintings in the bathroom or acrylic paintings in the sports studio area , but also in tropical regions.

Acrylic paintings production in 14 countries:

Acrylic painting fulfillment is available in 14 countries: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates, UK and USA.

Due to the many production sites of our cooperation partners, we can in most cases guarantee fast and spatially close production and supply many countries in the world in an environmentally friendly way.

Packing of acrylic paintings:

Acrylic prints on glass are packed with reinforced edges to protect the acrylic painting in transit. In addition, the item is wrapped in bubble wrap/plastic. Our cooperation partner is already looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Each acrylic painting is provided with a protective film on the front of the acrylic painting, which can be removed without additional mechanical help. This film varies by provider and region and is often milky, green, or blue. It happens that customers consider this protection for bubbles, scratches or color distortion on the acrylic painting. Before making a complaint, please check whether the film has been removed.

Beautiful acrylic paintings with motifs - from abstract to modern on acrylic glass

Each of our acrylic paintings is unique, which you can only find with us. This not only applies to posters, but to all of our products. Printed mugs , posters , with and without frames , on poster sets with bars or printed on acrylic and canvas. Our extraordinary picture creations are exclusively offered by selected artists.

Transform your home into your own art gallery with our acrylic paintings