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Collection: murals

Mural art for your home

Pixelboys means: one motif and many possibilities! With our murals we focus primarily on posters and printed acrylic glass , but only you know which products best suit you and your premises.

Selected for you: our works of art as murals

All of our murals are carefully selected by our photo editors, as are our artists. Since the murals are just as different in type and representation as the origin of the originals, all murals are reworked in order to be printed in the best possible quality. This means that we enlarge them digitally in order to be able to have them printed in outstanding quality even in dimensions of more than one meter. This method guarantees that your mural is produced in the best possible print quality.

Wall art: small posters, large posters, even more XXL posters!

For all poster products, we attach particular importance to the high quality of the material and print. For this reason, our murals are only printed on uncoated paper with a weight of 250 g/m² . The paper was deliberately chosen so that it is produced without artificial brighteners such as chlorine and is given a special depth through its thickness, a special feel and the colour.

Wall art poster sets with magnetic strips!

The high-quality magnetic strips do not damage the poster and can be attached to the picture in just a few simple steps. A simple screw or nail then holds the mural to your wall. Thanks to the two magnetic strips, your mural always hangs smoothly on the wall, does not ripple and can be easily balanced.

We do the work for you! Ready framed murals poster sets!

Our murals are delivered to your home already framed. You simply choose the frame in the color and design that you like, we will print your mural and place it in the frame. Then everything is carefully packed and sent directly to you. All you have to do is find a suitable place on the wall, use the mounting material provided and your new favorite picture will be hanging in your home in just a few simple steps after delivery!

If it does get wet: printed mural on acrylic glass!

Prints behind acrylic glass are light, shatterproof and withstand temperature fluctuations. The colors are clearly intensified by the refraction of light in the material.

Due to the high resistance of the material and print, this variant of our murals is particularly suitable for demanding environments with high humidity and temperature fluctuations. These can be of a climatic nature or have to do with use. Acrylic prints are particularly recommended in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens , bathrooms or in hotels and sports studios , but also in tropical regions.

Each of our murals is unique, which you can only find with us. This not only applies to posters, but to all of our products. Printed mugs , posters, with and without frames, on poster sets with wooden strips or printed as acrylic paintings and canvas. Our extraordinary picture creations are exclusively offered by selected artists.

Transform your home into your own museum with our murals.