The Value of Art

Art as an investment:

We'll pull the tooth straight out and don't tell you fairy tales, because most of our artists don't make for a low-risk investment. If you want to secure and increase capital, we recommend that you only purchase works by renowned artists. Only these are relatively stable in value and are not subject to inflation losses. Even if you buy a work by an artist who is currently being hyped, it does not guarantee a good investment.

Are works of art purely an investment?

Any collector will tell you that there are two types of collectors. Works of art are collected from one part, capital from the other. Basically, we can only advise everyone to only buy a work if they really like it. An original should be there to make you happy.

How is the value of art calculated?

If you ask a classic art consultant or gallery owner, he will undoubtedly tell you something about education, reputation, reliability, frequency and many other things, all of which have their justification and yet do not allow a reliable statement.

There is - but this is also controversial - a so-called "artist factor". This should provide information about the career and the qualities of the artist. At the bottom of the page you will find a table with an overview of the artist factor.

How do I find out if an artist is famous?

All auctions and museum sales since the 1980s have been tracked via the ARTNET company. This is always the first port of call when it comes to the value of art. On the other hand, to have a work of art appraised, go to a resident gallery owner or appraiser with the appropriate range

Does PIXELBOYS also buy works?

No art purchases are currently planned. We only sell works by artists that we have under contract. Only sales are planned for 2023.

What is the experience of the artists Pixelboys works with?

We encourage new talent. It is not necessarily the duration and development of your work that is decisive, not how many exhibitions someone has already had, but the works themselves. We try to get an idea of ​​the person in advance and to determine how and with what frequency someone creates new works. For example, someone who can create 20 images a week is of no interest to us, nor is someone who can only create one work a year. There must be a certain momentum in the work, continuity and also personality. Even if all these parameters are very arbitrary, for this reason we always start with our contractual partners with an artist factor of at least 5.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is possible for unframed pictures without special dimensions via a shipping service provider, and for framed works via an art forwarding company. In both cases, the shipment is insured.

Will there be a Pixelboys catalogue?

Every year PIXELBOYS® will create an illustrated book with all the works of the respective year. With this catalogue, the works and thus also the artists are considered published artists. On the one hand, this helps the artist to gain further reputation and to come into contact with competitions, gallery owners and dealers beyond PIXELBOYS®, on the other hand it means a possible increase in value for our customers.

artist factor



Beginners & hobby artists


Hobby artists, amateur artists, art students


Advanced amateur artist


Graduated from an art school or self-taught


Artist with years of experience


Artists with their own style, lots of experience or special materials


Advanced artist with regional fame


Nationally known artist


Nationally known artist with first internationally known works and exhibited in major galleries or museums


Internation of well-known artists, works in large galleries and museums


World-famous artists