about us

PIXELBOYS® - A platform that appreciates and promotes art. Emerging from the renowned design agency SaintYle based in Bad Hersfeld, we are a dynamic and committed team that evaluates and sells art outside the box. Our journey from a design agency focused on product design to an organization dedicated to sculpture and painting has brought us closer to the diversity and depth of art.

We firmly believe that art must be given its fair price. In today's world, artists face the challenge of selling their work appropriately, especially when they don't already have a prestigious name. We have therefore developed an innovative model in which artists can license their selected works from us. With every print sale, they get a cut and increase the value of the original, a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Our process is transparent and simple: Artists get in touch with us directly and after an initial discussion in which we get an overview of their works, we select the works that are offered in our shop. The original works of art remain with the artist, but can also be sold via our online gallery if desired.

The quality of our prints is of central importance to us. With a print size of up to DIN A0 and 300 DPI on high-quality museum-quality paper, we guarantee excellent print results. We offer matt prints that can also be framed or supplied with picture rails for hanging. In order to offer our customers the best possible flexibility, we recommend that if you are unsure, only buy the poster and purchase a matching frame separately.

We are proud to be able to offer a nearly worldwide delivery service. Through our extensive network, we select the closest production site to the customer in order to reduce transport costs, increase delivery speed and protect the environment.

We are constantly striving to improve our platform and plan to introduce a limitation of works from 2023. Images will then be distributed in a strictly limited edition and will be removed from the shop after all products have been sold or the time has expired and will not be reprinted on the same medium for at least 15 years.

With PIXELBOYS® you support art and artists alike and acquire high-quality art prints that fill your rooms with beauty and creativity. Join our community and let's promote and celebrate the world of art together.