Personalized gifts - the trend for individual gift ideas

Personalized gifts are very popular and very trendy at the moment. The focus is on the individuality of the gift. Personalization quickly turns a gift into an unforgettable one-off.

Collection: Poster set with bars

Introducing our high-quality poster sets with museum-quality wooden strips

Pixelboys attaches particular importance to the high quality of material and print. This is already characterized by the choice of paper. All our art prints are produced on uncoated paper with a weight of 250 g/ m². No artificial brighteners are used for the paper. The absence of additives such as chlorine gives the paper a warm white color. The high weight of the paper not only creates a special feel, but also ensures that the color applied has a special depth. The color contrasts of our murals are intensified and come into their own thanks to the matt finish. The high-quality printing colors prevent premature fading, even in direct sunlight.

Easily attach your poster set with wooden strips

The high-quality magnetic strips do not damage the poster and can be attached to the picture in just a few simple steps. A simple screw or nail will then hold the picture on your wall. Thanks to the two magnetic strips, your poster always hangs smoothly on the wall, does not ripple and can be easily balanced.

Are the poster sets with strips also available on cheaper paper?

It would be possible to use cheaper paper. However, we made a conscious decision to only offer our exclusive motifs, be it a dog , a cat or a green landscape , in the best possible quality.

Each of our motifs is unique, which you can only find with us. This not only applies to posters, but to all of our products. Printed mugs , posters, with and without frames , on strips or printed on acrylic and canvas. Our extraordinary picture creations are exclusively offered by selected artists.

Transform your home into your own art gallery with our poster sets.