Personalized gifts - the trend for individual gift ideas

Personalized gifts are very popular and very trendy at the moment. The focus is on the individuality of the gift. Personalization quickly turns a gift into an unforgettable one-off.

Collection: Personalized mug

Art is not only great on walls! Printed mugs are an ideal gift for any occasion.

Pixelboys also offers all motifs as printed mugs. Whatever motif you like in our shop, if your walls are already overflowing and there is no more room for pictures, treat yourself to a printed mug!

Printed mugs are quickly bought and quickly given away!

A cup is practical, space-saving and yet very quickly an eye-catcher. It doesn't matter whether you enjoy tea, coffee, milk, an oat drink or a completely different specialty from a cup - with our products you also emphasize your personal taste visually.

Of course, mugs are always suitable as a gift idea ! You know someone likes cat mugs ? Give him our rainbow cat Luna ! Or does the recipient like abstract art? Take a look at our oil paintings!

Personalized mugs are also great gifts. Surprise your business partners and customers or dear work colleagues with a designed mug

Most of our products can be personalized so that you don't run the risk of someone in the office stealing your mug. You decide where the motif should be placed and can also enter a name or a short text. In no time at all, a cup with art becomes a personal gift . Many of our mugs can also be easily personalized .

Collector mugs for collectors and those who want to become one!

We not only have all the works of art in our mug collection exclusively for you, but also motifs that are not available as posters . Our collector 's mugs are online for a maximum of 6 months and are then removed from the program forever. So if you like collecting cups, you have to be quick now!

We offer more than just mugs - art on mugs

Each of our motifs is unique, which you can only find with us. This not only applies to posters, but to all of our products. Printed mugs, posters, with and without frames, on strips or printed as acrylic paintings or canvas. Our extraordinary picture creations are exclusively offered by selected artists.

Transform your apartment into your own art gallery with our pictures.