Why do some images have a QR code and the word Pixelboys?

Some of our artworks are marked with a QR code and the words Pixelboys to indicate that these works belong to an exclusive series by an artist that is only available from Pixelboys. This special feature not only underlines the uniqueness and exclusivity of the works of art, but also serves an important purpose: it guarantees that the artist receives higher compensation for their work.

At Pixelboys, we strive to provide a fair and supportive platform for artists, allowing them to make a living from their art while making their work accessible to a wider audience. By purchasing one of these unique works, you directly support the artist behind the image and help ensure that artists are appropriately compensated for their creativity and talent.

The exclusivity of these series and the direct support of the artists explain why the corresponding images are offered at a higher price. This pricing reflects the special value and support that comes with each purchase of such a work of art. In this way, we not only offer our customers the opportunity to purchase exceptional works of art, but also the certainty of making a significant contribution to the art community.

We are proud to offer these special series and invite you to become part of this supportive community. Every image with a QR code and the words Pixelboys not only represents artistic quality, but also a conscious decision to promote art and artists.