How can I order from

Once you have found the right motif or product in the relevant size or with the relevant personalization, click on “add to shopping cart”. The shopping cart opens and you can either continue shopping or go straight to checkout. Thanks to Shopify's comprehensive shop system, you now have the option of creating a customer account or carrying out an express checkout. For Express Checkout, simply choose the payment service you trust with which you already have an account, such as Google Play or Paypal, to name just two.

As soon as you have entered your address and payment details and your account has been confirmed or your payment service provider has received and approved the data, the order will be processed automatically. If everything worked, you will immediately receive an order confirmation. In the background, our producer then determines the closest production facility to your location and transfers the product data there. Once everything has been produced, you will receive another notification with shipping confirmation and will receive your order as soon as possible.