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Poster with bars - Fruit Owl No.6 - "Cornelius", the coconut owl

Poster with bars - Fruit Owl No.6 - "Cornelius", the coconut owl

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Allow me: Cornelius, the coconut owl (lat. bubo vaccinium). This odd animal has unusual and particularly striking azure eyes. Its face is reminiscent of the inside of the coconut, which - in combination with its brown and white plumage - also earned it its name. The combination of coconut and owl (order Strigiformes) goes back to John Grayst and, as always, is exclusively available at Pixelboys. Since the appearance of the first fruit owl, these wonderful animals with the eye-catching plumage have been on everyone's lips in our editorial office and no matter which fruit owl, two or three of the animals in combination are an unbeatable eye-catcher. Also check out the other Fruit Owls. Whether on acrylic, as a poster with or without a frame, as a printed mug or a poster in stripes - combine your favorites and don't forget to come back soon: this is our selection for 2022 - the next animals will be added in spring 2023.

A high quality poster and a beautiful ledge hanger. Each hanger includes four wooden slats, two that clamp the top of the print and two that clamp the bottom, and high quality cotton cord to match the color of the slats. Strong magnets hold your artwork securely and allow the customer to change the artwork if needed.

- The magnetic construction holds your poster without damaging it.

- 250gsm matte (uncoated) museum quality paper

- Premium cotton cord to match the color of the bars.

Bars and posters are delivered together. The poster must be assembled by the final recipient.

No minimum order quantities.

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