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Poster with bars - Steampunk - Coffee Maker - No.5

Poster with bars - Steampunk - Coffee Maker - No.5

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Color of the wall moldings

On this piece of wall art you can see a massive water tank that makes up the bulk of this steampunk coffee maker. The copper tank hides a coffee grinder, a brew group and a filter system through which the hot coffee can flow directly into a cup. The warm colors of the picture radiate harmony and comfort. Like all pictures from the "Steampunk Kitchen" series that are only available from us, this mural also fits perfectly into the home kitchen or dining room, or into a professional catering business. As a gastronomic image, it is particularly effective in cafes, bars, tea rooms from Istanbul to Ankara, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Morocco. Whether in Santo Domingo or Rio de Janeiro - if you like coffee, you love our coffee art! So if you too want to feel a bit like a professional barista, why not bring our coffee machine home! Steampunk is all the rage!

A high quality poster and a beautiful bar hanger. Each hanger includes four wooden slats, two that clamp the top of the print and two that clamp the bottom, and high quality cotton cord to match the color of the slats. Strong magnets hold your artwork securely and allow the customer to change the artwork if needed.

- The magnetic construction holds your poster without damaging it.

- 250gsm matte (uncoated) museum quality paper

- Premium cotton cord to match the color of the bars.

Bars and posters are delivered together. The poster must be assembled by the final recipient.

No minimum order quantities.

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